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Dear Loyal Readers -

I'm very sad to announce that the blog Mid-Century Everyday is being retired. We recently had a server error on our site, and after a long discussion about the pros and cons of resurrecting the site, Sara and I decided to discontinue it.

This wasn't an easy decision for us. Mid-Century Everyday has been part of our lives for 10 years, and we loved posting about our wonderful hobby and lifestyle. We also met a lot of great people and we were given some fantastic opportunities.

So from me and Sara, thank you so much for all your years of great contributions, wonderful friendship and mid-century comradery. I hope in the future all of you find your perfect time-capsule homes, complete with original furniture and intercom systems.

With much love and fondness,
RetroRuth and SaraAZ


P.S. If you would like to keep up with our lives and current shenanigans, you can find us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/midcenturymenu/ (RetroRuth) and https://www.instagram.com/museumofkitsch/ (Sara Sputnik). You can also visit Sara's Etsy shop > https://www.etsy.com/shop/MUSEUMofKITSCH and visit RetroRuth at www.midcenturymenu.com.